From Crop To Shop Our Sustainability Policy

Here at commonsense we just want to make things better!!

Better products, better for the people and better for the world!!

We take this really seriously; here’s a little bit about your BRANDED clothing and it’s journey to you... from crop to shop.




It all starts with a seed; non-GMO, pesticide free and planted by hand.

Sadly 1,000 people a day die from acute pesticide  poisoning, with countless others suffering cancers, birth defects and other such horrors.

Organic farming protects workers, their families and local eco-systems from the chemicals used in normal cotton production.

The farms that grow our cotton have been established in a region of Western India with buckets of monsoon rainfall, so your super soft thread is grown without affecting the water supply to local people


The factory is state of the art. Not just sticking to guidelines that most manufacturers ignore they’ve created their own rule book!!

Powered by solar and wind, waste water is purified and reused and ALL garment workers are guaranteed fair employment and living wage!

This groundbreaking attitude to sustainability reduces the carbon footprint of all of our garments by 90%!! That’s 7kg of CO2 saved every single tee!!!



All our clothes are dispatched to the UK with a NO AIR FREIGHT policy.

Don’t worry this won’t hold you up, they’re all tucked up safe at commonsense HQ long before you order!! Ocean shipping might not be the fastest but it allows for virtually zero carbon emissions while our clothes travel across the world from where the cloths grown!!



This is when our clothes become yours! Our printing partners have very quickly become some of our best friends!!

They’re a family run business who just can’t do enough to do things right!! Water based, vegan... not a problem! And it’s just the crispest set of images we’ve seen. Needless to say; living wage for all is guaranteed.



Depending on your order or location we may use our delivery partners, Royal Mail or just drop off ourselves if ya nearby (we may subtly hint about tea and cake for this extra service )

All packaging is plastic free, recycled FSC certified paper and is designed for reuse, recycling or composting.



It’s up to you now my friends! For the life of your clothes and the planet we always recommend you wash at 30 degrees and hang dry.

Most of all thanks for being part of our journey and we hope you love getting BRANDED by commonsense