20 million make up remover pads are thrown away everyday! And sadly this is only part of 7 billion pounds of baby wipes and similar products that go to landfill each year!

Our reusable cleansing pads are the most beautiful solution. Made with natural bamboo; they’re super soft and kind to the environment.


What's So Good About Bamboo?

All out pads are made with stunning quality line end cloths from our friends at Upcraft UK. Yes! These beautiful pieces used to get thrown away!!

One persons rubbish is another ones riches!! Once bound for the bin, we use them to make something beautiful. We even make them square because cutting circles wastes cloth, and that’s just not commonsense

Fully washable, our cleansing pads will last and last and when they’re ready to be replaced; they’re fully biodegradable.

Get a better cleanse, save waste and save money every time!