Image by Marcin Jozwiak

Our Story

'We were started by a tall man who couldn’t find a decent face mask that fits and a doctor who could help.'


Our Story

Part 1 ... 

So many of the products we use and wear have a devastating effect on the people who make them and the environment in general.


At commonsense we want to stop landfill with non biodegradable products.

We believe in better welfare for all the people who help make our stuff.

And we want to use up waste, not create it.



We were formed in 2020 at the beginning of the Corona crisis.


All of a sudden we all had to wear these strange things on our face, they fitted badly, felt uncomfy and the thought of 7 billion people throwing one of these non biodegradable beasts away everyday was the scariest thing of all!


So in partnership with Punto Verde in the mountains of the Czech Republic we developed some face coverings of our own. They’re the dream!!



Handmade from 100% cotton, fitted in 5 sizes, they’re fully machine washable and; when they can’t be washed anymore; they’re fully biodegradable.



We hope they help people do 3 things

Stay safe, cut waste, feel great

Our Story

Part 2 ...

We’re branching out into many other areas as we learn more about the products we all use and the problems they can cause.



Working with Upcraft and Oh Sew Whitty in or Yorkshire homeland we developed the commonsense cleanser pad.


Here’s another beast we use and throw away daily! Our cleansers are made from super eco friendly bamboo and upcycled cotton. This stuff would’ve been thrown in the bin but now we get to make something beautiful.


The super soft and absorbent bamboo makes for the perfect cleanse for men and women. (Hey just cos you’ve got a beard and tattoos doesn’t mean you don’t look after yourself!)


At commonsense we consider every aspect of our product so even the handy mesh wash bag we provide is recycled and recyclable.

Our Story

Part 3 ... 

Our next mission is for all our cotton products to be one 100% organic  cotton.


The effect of the pesticides used in cotton production is horrendous.

Nearly 1,000 people die everyday from acute pesticide poisoning. Countless more suffer chronic ill health; cancers, neurological disease and birth defects.


All for a cheap T-shirt!



There are many things to consider when finding the best materials but watch this space... organic, upcycled, recycled, recyclable...


We’re finding so much great stuff and so many amazing people to work with!

Thanks for joining us on this wonderful and worthwhile journey.

Watch this space there’s so much more to come!!

Our Story

Part 4 ... 

We were excited to briefly welcome people to our new office/ HQ at Bowling green terrace.

The office couldn’t be better for us. Full photo studio facilities on site, a dedicated covid safe packing area. There’s a great “posh meeting room” upstairs with our friends at Loft, even if most of our design and client meets seem to happen in the kitchen!


For obvious reasons we’ve not been able to invite people to see us anything like as much as we’d like, but have faith! Things will change back!!


For the moment we’d like to thank everyone for bearing with us. Posting samples back and forth, zoom calls, phone pictures of scribbled ideas... we’ve found a way! We can’t wait to invite everyone back in to do business commonsense style; together in lovely surroundings chatting over tea and cake!!!

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